The Purpose of the Association

  • To preserve the past and enhance the future of hot rodding in British Columbia.
  • To assist with and encourage the interest of the members of the Association in the construction and operation of hot rods, customs and special interest vehicles.
  • To co-operate with other Associations or clubs formed for the above or similar purposes.
  • To encourage the safe use of motor vehicles on public highways and the strict adherence to the rules of the “ Motor Vehicle Act” .
  • To promote the British Columbia Hot Rod Association member’s vehicles, and its’ history, for the interest and enjoyment of the public.
  • To raise funds in such a manner as the Association may see fit.

BCHRA – History

The British Columbia Hot Rod Association is an organization formed in 1957 by young men and women interested in unifying the rapidly increasing number of hot rod enthusiasts.

Their aim was to promote the safe construction and use of motor vehicles with strict adherence to the governing law and regulations.

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